Welcome to Thermal Radiation (TRAD) Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KAIST.

2021 TRAD Members

Radiation heat transfer is critical for solar energy utilization, building thermal management, and high-temperature thermal systems. Recent advancement in micro/nanofabrication techniques has enabled the fabrication of novel structures with engineered radiative properties. Ability to tailor radiative properties is a direct result of the interaction between electromagnetic waves and surface nano/micro structures in the near-field regime (i.e., at the length scale comparable to the characteristic wavelength). It has been shown that near-field effects can lead to the realization of new technologies including subwavelength heating sources, polariton-assisted nanomanufacturing, and biomedical sensors. Particularly, near-field thermal radiation has been intensively investigated for potential applications such as a highly sensitive thermal microscopy and a near-field thermophotovoltaic energy conversion system. To facilitate these applications, it is crucial to fundamentally understand the radiative transfer at the nanometer scale.

Ultimate Goal of TRAD Lab is to make a significant impact on future applications of nanoscale thermal radiation for energy conversion and utilization.

We conduct fundamental research on the light-matter interaction at nanometer scales, especially for photon tunneling and electric/magnetic resonance phenomena, and employ nanotechnology to control thermal radiative transfer per our needs.

The Research Topics of TRAD Lab includes:

    • Near-Field Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion System
    • Solar Energy Harvesting System using Nanomaterials
    • Micro/Nanoscale Thermometry

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